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Brief Delay

Today’s Churchspotting has run long, and will be available tomorrow.


Brief Delay

Today’s Churchspotting has run long, so we’ll be delaying publishing till tomorrow, likely before noon.  It features Churchspotting’s return to a very early subject, The Bridge at Clover High School.  We’ll investigate what’s changed there in the last year.

Day Off

Churchspotting is taking this update off.  There may be a new article during the week, there will certainly be a new one next Monday.  Have a very pleasant evening, and thank you for reading.


A warm welcome to all the readers directed here by the article written by Jennifer Becknell in the Enquirer Herald!  I hope you enjoy our offerings here.  Your arrival coincides with a special announcement: in accordance with certain shifts the writer’s schedule, which may have been apparent in the last few weeks’ publishing times, Churchspotting is changing the day of the week on which it publishes.


Though from its inception Churchspotting has run on Sunday evenings, starting August 20, 2012, and continuing into the foreseeable future, new articles will appear on Churchspotting on the Monday of each week.  We apologize to everyone who arrives this evening expecting a fresh foray into the religious communities of York County, SC, but you only have your experience delayed by a single day.  Articles will continue to appear roughly between 7 and 9 PM.


Due to Unforseen Circumstances, This week’s Churchspotting will be delayed till the afternoon of 8/6/12.  It will feature an interview with Rev. Wayne Spear of Clover Wesleyan Church.  In the meantime, we offer you a bit of ecclesiastical news.  In late June the Southern Baptist Convention reached a landmark decision: churches within the convention now have the option to change their names from “Southern Baptist” to “Great Commission Baptist.”  The name change is covered here by the LA Times, and here by the Baptist Press.  Churchspotting has not visited a Baptist church since the decision was reached, but it will certainly be a topic of conversation in future interviews.

Brief Delay

There’ll be no Churchspotting update today.  Instead, we beg your patience as we bring you the fruits of an in-depth interview with pastor Tommy Wilkes of Clover, SC’s First Methodist Church, which was first featured here on Churchspotting.


Churchspotting is taking this Sunday off.  Thank you for reading, and enjoy what appears to be a truly beautiful Sunday here in Clover, SC.